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Advertising is all about telling a story.

Do you represent a travel business that needs more exposure to North American tourists?  Message us to be featured in our blog!  

Travel blogs allow readers to become the hero of the story and live vicariously, as they relate to the person or family who is writing.  They see themselves in your locale, and they begin to dream...

It's time to shift to using trusted, authentic sources.

Experiential recommendations from real people with authentic, relatable stories behind them -- this is the next phase of marketing for your business. If you are not already taking advantage of influencer marketing, you are falling behind.


We are building a following of slow travelers who trust our perspective, and know that our reviews are independent of travel sites that only have the bottom line in mind. We will not compromise the best interest of our followers and their travels. The key is trust.

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We 5 Thrive partners with brands and destinations that align with our vision to provide tranquil travel for families, as well as for women, couples, or groups -- often focusing on slow travel, retreats, off-peak periods, local hidden gems, cultural activities & local philanthropy, health & wellness,

and off-the-beaten-path locales. 


Our followers and clients want to explore more widely, but perhaps feel intimidated by going beyond the well-known sights.  They long to both unwind and to explore more deeply the unique locales they visit, whether traveling alone or with kids. They want to know that they will be coming home with an experience that is unique from what so many others are doing, one that taps into wellness trends from all over the world.

We are seeking partners in the wellness and tourism industries who embrace Tranquil Travel, and who want to increase their influence and income with North American travelers.

North American travelers are seeking deeper experiences.  They want to tap into the local flow of life, the history, the lesser-known paths.  We 5 Thrive, with our Tranquil Travel paradigm, smooths the way for them, so they can make themselves at home in any corner of the world.  They can experience the luxuries, comforts, and adventures that keep them coming back to our partner businesses and recommended locales.

Think your business is a good fit?  Let's talk!

Why work with us?

Erica, The Tranquil Mama & Co-Captain of We 5 Thrive, is the primary writer in the family. While We 5 Thrive is a relatively young company, Erica and her team are seasoned and ready to increase your business's exposure to your target clients and visitors.  Erica earned her bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Religious & Linguistic Studies from Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada.  She is passionate about slow-travel.  She has fifteen combined years of professional international writing experience, international partnership & business development, and social media influencing. She has a unique, relatable voice, which transports readers into the traveling experience and empowers them to embark on their own adventures.   


We translate for the modern North American family.  We turn an intimidating foreign experience into an attainable, relatable, navigable adventure, connecting North American families to fabulous tourism businesses who will serve them well.  


Erica has an innate ability to identify what makes a business or region unique and attractive to North American travelers, and to market that desirability. 

Our voice is seasoned and trustworthy, and we appreciate the complexity of cross-cultural communication in marketing.  Let us help you avoid unnecessary mistakes -- we can translate your business and tourism offerings to the adventuring North American family.  

Contact us to find out if a collaboration with We 5 Thrive is right for you!

If your story, products, or destination are in line with our vision, we offer
the following services:

• Guest blog posts & newsletter articles

• Marketing copy for websites & print media

• Authentic business reviews, features & ad-space

• Appearances and speaking engagements

• Social media posts or takeovers

• Brand ambassadorship and affiliates

• Cross-cultural marketing consulting

• Print & website translation

Is collaboration right for your business?

We'd love to hear more. Let us know how we can help.

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