Ready for A Premier Travel Adventure?

 Travel planning can be oh so time-consuming and overwhelming. We get it. 

 You've got a unique vision (or you want help forming one) and we can help! 


 We offer Tranquil Travel planning and booking services 

 to help you create an unforgettable, refreshing travel experience. 

we've got you covered...

  • Foreign & Domestic Independent Travel

  • Off-the-Beaten-Path, Immersive Travel Services

  • Escorted Journeys - Private or Group

  • Pre-packaged Vacations

  • ​Luxury Destinations for Adults and Families

  • Tranquil Travel Planning for Independent International & Domestic Travel

"In today's information age, can't I just organize my own independent travel through automized internet searches?"

Yes, you sure can, especially if you are looking for pre-packaged deals. 

In fact, we offer a great online browsing tool at  Here you will find some of our trusted partners, and we can advise you for a great fit.


But when it comes to point-and-click online booking tools, can you trust the old adage "what you see is what you get"?  After awhile, every resort pool begins to look the same.  If it's pretty online, you can book it and be happy, right?  Not necessarily.  What you may not know is that that particular resort that looks so lovely for a quiet family trip:  Oops, it targets young singles, and has loud music pumping at all hours at the pool.  How could you have known that?   

So you spend a miserable, loud week, trying to make the best of it,

but lamenting the waste of money.

Enter We 5 Thrive.  We know that resort.  And we know the other ones, just a stone's throw away, that have created the perfect atmosphere for your family.  We know the PEOPLE behind those resorts. We can advise you, because we are in relationship with them,

and they want to serve our clients well. 


Our high-touch, premium travel services and custom itineraries are the way to go, for ease of planning and for support on the journey.   Give us a call -- we are here to serve you!  

If you're looking for greater care, unique insight, and exceptional service in your travel planning, our more in-depth service may be right for you.

We're passionate about helping families, individuals, and groups who want to bring tranquility, luxury, and depth to their travels.

In the travel world, you truly do get what you pay for.  We 5 Thrive offers a high-touch, premium service.  We, along with our partners, are here to serve you, on every step of your beautiful journey.

Full-Service Travel

Full-service, luxury destinations and cultural tours throughout the world

We partner with trusted, excellent local tour guides and resorts who create unique experiences for individuals and families, for day trips or for your entire stay. Join a group, or choose a private experience. Either way, expect white-glove, personalized service from our premier resorts and tour guides.

Independent Explorers

Our unique Tranquil Travel planning services for independent explorers

We work hand-in-hand with our independent travel clients in their planning stages, to help them create exceptional independent adventures, anywhere in the world. It's almost like having your own personal tour coordinator -- but you, intrepid explorer, are taking on the adventure and challenge of navigating independently in-country, with expert advice from We 5 Thrive!

Dive in for a truly in-depth cultural experience!

No cookie-cutter trips here.

Along with our in-country partners, we create well-thought-out travel packages that are curated specifically with you, your family, or your group in mind --

no two trips are exactly alike.  

Travel advisor fees apply. We limit the number of clients we take so that we can offer you exceptional service. 

Your comfort level matters. Our attention is yours.

Find the right destination for you

Stay on-target

for your budget

Plan your transportation

Find your ideal accommodation

Plan your itinerary

Get worldwide expert support during your travels

Your 30-minute intake call is free.

Even if you're not sure where to start or how we can help, we've got you covered. So contact us, and let's start dreaming!

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