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Hi, I'm Erica!

Founder of We 5 Thrive.

I'm thrilled to offer you our monthly Tranquil Travel Newsletter,

sharing our latest offerings, insights, and inspiration

for tranquil living from around the world!

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Calling myself the Tranquil Mama is more of an aspiration, rather than something I've truly got nailed down.  Can you relate?  In today's modern culture, we can go-go-go at the detriment of our mental and physical health.  Our systems are overwhelmed by too much stimulation. 


Which is why our family has developed the Tranquil Travel paradigm.  Traveling, for us, is not "checking out", but "checking in", a recalibration of calming rhythms, of reconnecting with the enjoyment of life.  

All of our offerings and partnerships are founded in this philosophy of whole-person wellness.  I can't wait to share more with you through our Tranquil Travel Newsletter.  

Meet our global friends and co-laborers, who have been pursuing tranquil living enriched by their own passions and wellness cultures.  Discover gorgeous locales, lodgings, and activities that you MUST add to your tranquility bucket list!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on our offerings and incredible experiences awaiting you around the world -- so that perhaps you can experience these global tranquility trends first-hand!

Feeling frenzied?  We 5 Thrive has got you covered.

Adventuring Together,

Erica, the (Desperately Seeking) Tranquil Mama

Keep up to speed on our latest offerings, blog posts, preferred partners, and more!

Discover tranquility wisdom 
that has shaped life around the world...  And perhaps discover what truly makes you tranquil, too.
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