Perfect for:

  • Families or individuals who want an in-depth and rewarding travel experience
  • People who feel overwhelmed and don't know where or how to start planning their trip
  • Families or individuals who want to go on an adventure that truly connects them with their destination
  • People who want to plan their own travel rather than use a tour company
  • Anyone who wants to pursue deeper travel that is debt-free, intentional, and restorative

The Tranquil Travel Workbook

  • Don't let overwhelm knock you out in the process of planning your next international adventure*!  Become a more confident traveler and make your trip all the richer with this step-by-step guide to planning independent individual or family travel. This workbook will help you through all the stages of planning your trip -- from overcoming financial hurdles to creating an itinerary that truly connects you with your destination. Travel deeper and return refreshed with a trip that is debt-free, intentional, and restorative!

    *Also suitable for domestic travel.