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Hi, we're the Pollocks!

We're an average American family of five who transformed our lifestyle to pursue a slower, more tranquil way of travel & living. We prefer slow travel over tourism and intentional pauses rather than frenzied activity.

we've made all the travel mistakes...

... and keep making them! We have done the fast-paced, hit-every-landmark, do-every-activity vacation, and to be honest, it exhausts us. We’ve done the “family-friendly” resorts that overstimulate kids and milk the money (and spirit!) out of parents. Nuh-uh. Not anymore.

Are there resorts, hotels, and off-the-beaten-path stays that nurture a family's desire for tranquility? Absolutely. 

And we know how to find them. 

Is it possible to navigate a foreign country and still find rest and relaxation? You bet.  We can guide you.

Discover more about our travels over on the blog!

We’ll show you some of our favorite non-frenzied activities in our favorite locales around the world, and you have full permission to laugh at our mistakes and misadventures!


Want to join in on the fun?  We offer travel services that simplify the planning and

booking stages for you, and also provide much-needed support during your travels. 

Let's start the journey!

- Mike & Erica

About Us

Mama Erica, here!  I grew up in a working class home, but was spoiled with luxury travel.  How?  My mom worked in the Hawaiian travel industry, so we were gifted with yearly visits to the islands, complete with free flights and FAM stays at multiple luxury hotels and resorts. This gave me a peek into all the wonderful offerings of a luxury destination and has positioned me to serve my clients well.

Add to this, a life-long list of more gritty independent slow-travel to various locations around the world -- Europe and the U.K., Pakistan, Mexico, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Cuba, Jordan, and more ... 

Oh yes you betcha, the travel industry is my happy place!

Fast-forward to today.  We are a lively family of five, and we still can't get enough of world travel. In 2013, we left our busy, high-cost-of-living Southern California lives for the slower-paced tranquility of a farming village in the American midwest.  We now live well below our means, our retirement is secure, and - woohoo - we are free to embark on whatever travel adventures may beckon us! 


More and more, our family life is defined by us rather than by what is marketed to us, and we want to pass this know-how on to our clients.  Our savvy in the travel industry continues to grow.  Financial freedom, defining our own world travels, and learning to slow down and enjoy -- ah, this life is beautiful!

So yes, a need for relaxation and family bonding, along with a heavy dose of wanderlust, has shaped in us a rich slow-life perspective on world travel.  But you, my friends, don't have to have months of travel time at your disposal.  We love to share this form of tranquility in our clients' travels, whether short- or long-term.  We promise it's possible!  We'll help you get there.

Let us share with you our family's unique form of Tranquil Travel, empowering you to enjoy relaxation and real life - not just tourism - in the locales you visit.


Let's get you traveling.  You won't regret it. 


We, like all parents, hear our kids say, "But all my friends have (insert expensive non-essential kid-craze item here)!  Why can't I have one?!?" But one day, while driving home from a friends' house, my heart nearly skipped a beat when my daughter Alexi queried from the back seat of the car, "Where do you think we'll go next?" After she and my son Joey built dreams of watching turtles swim in the clear waters of Bora Bora (where have they even heard of Bora Bora??), he philosophized, in his all-too grown-up, 12-year-old way, "I don't care where we go next. I just know it's worth our sacrifices."


Be still my heart. I think he's got it!


Discover the joy of stumbling upon the unexpected in your travels! 

During a three-month visit to Europe, we introduced ourselves to a jolly Oor Wullie statue on the Big Bucket Trail in Edinburgh, Scotland. This gentleman was one of 60 statues throughout the city, raising funds for local charity.

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